Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boring Equanimity

May 2013:

The floor got mopped today. The carpet got spot cleaned yesterday. I had a success at work yesterday. I'm starting the month at 132 pounds. I went to an AA meeting today. I worked out 4 hours. I got 10 hours sleep. My dog is out of the race.

But what is the best? My equanimity seems to be in good shape.

So far this year, I've done 10 x 26.2 mile runs. 7 were race marathons and 3 private ones. No wonder my foot hurts. Today, I had a very decent walk for 101 minutes in Brummerhop park; followed with 2h20 cross training. I wonder why I do this. It must be programmed into my synapses. But I need to heal up from the marathons.  I am not able to stop and do nothing.

I have nothing meaningful to say.

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