Friday, June 7, 2013

Marvelous Day

I looked at several Badwater articles thinking I could find some catchy idea. But nothing struck me.

That is probably because 11.5 of today's walk/jog were done this afternoon. Yup, sunny Houston day but not that humid. And I had about 50% trees, and some breeze.

I don't need to read about ultra-life. I live it. Even as decrepit as I sometimes feel, I keep going.

First, I did 8.75 miles in El Lago. Then I went home to wait for the plumber. The plumber turned out to be a nice young man named Jeremy. We talked over my situation and he looked at the Moen kitchen faucet. He clearly didn't want to mess with it. He suggested the easiest thing would be for me to buy a new faucet. He said Delta was a better brand. He said he could follow me over to Home Depot to get one. He said he wouldn't charge me for the trip. So off we went and were back in about 20 minutes with the new faucet. He had it installed really quick too.

Then, I wasn't quite ready for additional miles so I did other chores: car wash and groceries. Then about 1 pm I headed over to Brummerhop park for 3 hours.

There were miles.

This evening I did a chest/back strength workout. I am quivering.

Tomorrow I need to discipline myself. Do some miles but do cross training too.

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