Saturday, June 29, 2013

Here and Now - Process Safety

In a dramatic switch, my reading material has totally switched this weekend. Last weekend, I was finishing Thomas Merton's Seven Story Mountain; and reviewing my journey into a Benedictine convent. This weekend, I am reading a book about the BP Texas City 2005 explosion called "A Failure to Learn." Since I am a process safety engineer, this book is in direct line with my current work in a chemical plant.

Having left my past behind, in the sense that I can let it go, I move into the present and discover what the spirit is saying to me today. In so much as I agree with the argument that God can speak through anything, the Texas City book is tremendously thought provoking.

I daily make decisions about risk. In fact, that is almost my entire job.

So having a quiet mind to hear what the spirit is saying seems quite important. I need my intuitive sense.

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