Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Downward Mobility

This topic of downward mobility comes up as I ponder next weekend. I want to go to San Antonio to walk a marathon; and yes, spend about $250 in the process. I'll get to support some friends. I'll get to struggle with my own stupid marathon adventure. I'll get to forget about work.

I need to forget about work. See, I have an interview for an internal job today. Everyone thinks I'm a shoe-in to get the job. That may be true, but they probably won't announce who gets the job very quick If anything, my employer is never quick. Waiting kills me. In this case, its not like I won't have a great job either way. But I feel inner pressure to know.

Downward mobility is what? Something in relation to Christ. The concept is important to me; but it is vague in my consciousness at the moment. I can't remember what is in my soul or how to honor it.

I could walk a marathon by myself in Seabrook. But in San Antonio, I get to do it with P and D and T and J and L and W and maybe others I know. M might be at the aid station cheering me. Why balk at this idea just cuz it costs money and time and gasoline and tires?

San Antonio is as good as it gets for me.

My workout this morning included 35 min on the treadmill. My foot feels pretty good. Maybe jogging/ walking a marathon on a concrete bike path wouldn't kill me.

Self transcendence is the cleansing experience of 6-7 hours in a hot Texas park.

Some people (Anton Krupika) get to climb mountains every day.

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