Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meet Fang

This morning, doing my spiritual study, I also listened to part of my mind resent my boss. Not for anything he has done, but just general hate. I asked myself why? Especially since my main purpose on earth is not to win at work but to carry out my spiritual purpose. At this point, my Course in Miracles text said to me:

In this one still dimension of time,
I look on Christ.
God's guiltless Son is only light.

As an aside dear reader: Christ and Son are not defined in the same way as denominational Christianity.

I thought my 3 phrases during my morning exercise and during my drive to work.

Christ is an inner characteristic of everyone. Son is more like The Sonship to which we all belong. In my own estimation: in the beginning, God said "Let there be light," and stopped there. The rest of the creation story is the ego's mythology.

But what is really important is the sense of peace and the dis-arming of the ego that happens when you realize you are not here to succeed in a worldly life, but a spiritual one.

Meet Fang:

You can see fang inside my heel. But fang is quiet now. It is my achilles that needs more care and attention.

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