Thursday, June 20, 2013

Merton - The Vision....

...or was it a temptation for the ego.

...or a travesty of spiritual justice.

I have mentioned I was reading Thomas Merton's Seven Story Mountain. I first read it 20 or so years ago. I vaguely remember Merton being a dramatic influence on my desire to enter a monastery and pursue contemplative life.

I am just now finished the chapter where he is baptized a Catholic at the age of 23. Reading his language, I realize now that it is highly mirroring what is written in the Catholic Catechism about what it is supposed to mean. It is however all belief. If you believe it, then it is true.

Those many years ago, I believed Merton and I wanted what he said. I went and did it.

If I was to mention to a Catholic that a God of love would never come up with that sort of specialness schema, they would just insist it is a mystery and not logical. So it is not a topic that can be discussed. Believe or not.

If I believe a thing doesn't make it true however. Even if I prefer the theology of A Course in Miracles, we can be sure it is a human perception who is judging.

I received an award at work this week. Pinnacle award for leadership. So, I guess I don't need a Seven Story Mountain. I just get up, get dressed, go to work. Nothing special.

I went to a new doctor to try one more time for professional help regarding my painful heel. Good news is that is probably not a heel spur but a pinched nerve. Treatment is underway. I am being good and resisting endless miles. I actually like not feeling constant pain.

Should anybody need to search for God?


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