Friday, May 10, 2013

Walking Transcendence

I've been thinking alot about my just finished double marathon and other opportunities presented by

See, I got involved in ultras at all because of the 3,100 mile Self Transcendence race put on by Sri Chinmoy in New York. What it amounts to for the runners is day after day of walk jog around and around a very small course. You get shin splints and blisters and cramps and various other problems, but you keep moving forward until you get to 3,100 miles.

I can't do that race, but I get the point of self transcendence. I do miles for transcendence. I keep walking for this purpose. And, back to Iranmarathons, these races are on small courses. And they are setup so someone can do many miles but there is no time limit. So people are walking and running. At the weekend I was at, there were 5 marathons in 3 days (3 during the day and 2 at night). That is 130 miles! One man jogged all his in less than 5 hours each. Another man jog walked with times between 7 and 8 hours. That is amazing to me; but seems much more do-able than 100 miles.

Tonight, I walked around the cement streets of El Lago. I can walk pretty fast if I want and that is so much easier on my feet. I keep wanting to now sign up for a weekend in June at an Iranmarathons event.

But first, I am signed up for a double marathon in Dallas in 2 weeks. And there is the matter of changes at my place of employment.

As I walked tonight, I loved the idea of loading my hydropak with water tomorrow and going for another long walk.

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