Monday, May 27, 2013


I amaze myself. I may at times have difficulty getting out of bed. Today was such a day since I knew I wasn't going to do 20 miles. But as I got up and thought about my cross training, I had positive thoughts: its not the end of the world, many runners in Texas use the summer to rejuvenate, put on the "Haki-machi."

What is the Haki-machi? It is the Japanese head band. Mine symbolizes the warrior spirit.

Anyone who is willing to put on the Warrior Spirit cannot possibly be depressed. Or, anyone willing to turn their life over to Spirit cannot possibly be depressed.

I'm totally willing. This amazes me. I seemingly have nothing to live for, except in honor of the Warrior Spirit. I guess that is enough. It is everything, the highest possible way to honor Creation.

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