Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Week

This week was a good workout week: almost 19 total hours including 46 miles. Today, my alarm didn't go off so I slept an hour later than I should have. The reward was an already hot day. Well, yesterday, I did do my running in the trees of Brummerhop Park during the middle of the day. Today, I wanted to go to Meador, but there is more exposure there, and its not a bad idea to give my foot a break a week before my next double marathon. So, I jogged only 10.3 miles, got groceries, ate a sandwich and commenced an indoor cross training Century. That is: 100 minutes of bike, kettlebells with step platform, versa climber and nordic track. After that, I got the triceps done before jumping in the shower.

Yesterday, early in the morning, I went to The Academy Sporting goods. I spent a good long time trying on potential work shoes. I can't say why, but my safety shoes have become monstrously painful. I must have tried on 25 different models. I kept the employees real busy. I bought a pair of Caterpillar pseudo safety shoes. They have a composite toe, not a steel one, so they wouldn't qualify for reimbursement. But no one at work will know, and they are soooooo much lighter than the steel toes. They are so comfortable, I wore them to a meeting this evening and I wasn't cursing and ripping them off as soon as I got home. A good sign.

My company is still dragging its feet on deciding who will work where after re-organization. But, I am no longer upset about it.

I like myself when I work out. I really liked the kettelbell portion. And I like that for some of the workout, I can close my eyes and think about spirituality while my body just moves the machine back and forth.

I can't believe only 6 days til my next double marathon. So much fun.

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