Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Flowers Success Day 2 Complete

Today was day 2 of my double marathon. It went fantastic; mainly because my heel was feeling very good. Which totally surprised me. Driving home, when I got out of the car at the rest area, it didn't feel too good. But now, the achilles and bursitis feels good, its other things that hurt.

Spiritual phrases for today came from A Course in Miracles chapter 6 and 7: All meaning comes from God and IS God. His light is what my mind is. Be vigilant only for God and for His Kingdom.

I swear, repeating these phrases had something to do with how little pain I was in.

I am happy about my weekend.

Today's run began at 4:45, in the dark by myself. I had planned to start at 5, an hour early; but no one else was there and I knew the RD wouldn't care, so off I went as soon as I got my gear together. There are lots of deer in San Antonio. My headlight kept showing me their eyes as they were not out of their little beds yet. I walked alot the first few miles. I was over dressed, and having a shoe failure (Mizunos). At 6 miles, I stopped at the car and took off layers of clothes and switched to the Nimbus dream liners. After my feet got used to the different feel, I started to naturally speed up. It was so great to be doing a few 12 minute miles on the second day of a double marathon.

I said hi to a number of people both ones I've met before and new ones.

But the race was uneventful. I kept up a great pace. I stopped at the car every lap to drop of shirts. And then, I was done.

Today's medal:

2 marathons in 2 days makes me this kind of Marathon Maniac:

I saw many of cactus that looked like this.

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