Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today's Phrases - Chapter 8.III

My life is in transition. Work is reorganizing. The only issue is waiting to find out where I work, here or there. In the meantime, my brain is attacking me.

I think I'm doing pretty well for a person whose thoughts are 90% hateful. The hope of a Course in Miracles is that it reminds me that my thoughts are my choice. And so, my morning study is totally valuable. I can't see how I'd get through the day if I didn't reset my thinking every morning.

Today, as I worked out this morning, I kept my mind on these phrases from chapter 8.III: Ask for light and learn that you are light....There is no limit on you mind.....God's Will is an experience of total willingness.

9 days till my next double marathon. I'm going to try to keep the mileage down and cross training up. And this is because I am STILL a member of the great American eating machine. I may eat different things than most people, but I still eat too much. I have no idea how to eat less. But the endorphins from exercise seem to help me alot.

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