Sunday, March 3, 2013

Of Private Marathons

There was a marathon in Houston yesterday. So had I wanted to drive 60 miles (one way) to the site both on Friday to pick up my packet and again on Saturday to run the race, I could have done it. Had I wanted to pay more than $100 for the privilege of entering this race, I could have done it.

But I am sort of sour on these ideas. I like to run alot, but not necessarily to waste all this time and money.

On January 12, I turned 54. I planned an athletic weekend for myself which included a 26.2 mile run. I got interested in running as many marathons as I could this year. But, I allow myself to run private marathons because I have no need to prove to anybody what I did.

I don't cheat in real races and I don't cheat myself in private events.

If I run a 26.2 mile run, or go in a 26.2 mile race, I do at least 13.1 miles (at least) that weekend also (making a Goofy or Reverse Goofy, without the cost of going to Disney World). A Goofy gives me the personal satisfaction of listing the event on a piece of paper pinned to the wall where all my other swag is.

So, I tried to run 26 miles on Friday, but my insole design for a new pair of shoes was crap and beat the hell out of my left heel, so I stopped at 21.8 miles. Then, Saturday (new insole design), I walked 16.8 miles and went easy on myself. But today, Sunday, I felt great and my shoes felt great. So I walk/jogged the whole 26.2 miles.

I completed a private multi-day and a private super sized Goofy. I'm happy with that. I went to Marathon Maniacs and listed my 26.2 mile training run. Its official, my 4th marathon of the year is complete.

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