Sunday, December 2, 2012

Not A Bad Year

This year, I didn't run as many miles as last years, but I beat the number of hours spent on aerobics by a bunch. I'll end with more than 1,000 hours spent working out. Yes, the time is totally valuable to me. I pray alot on the elliptical or the nordic track.

So, I have one more race this year, a 50k in Houston. Starting last December, here is the race list:

La Porte half marathon.
Operation Jack half marathon
Brazos Bend half marathon
Piney Woods 10 miles
Baytown half marathon
Seabrook Lucky Trails, 2 half marathons in 2 days.
Angie's half marathon
Frisco 50k
3 Days at the Fair, 52 miles
Ottawa race weekend, half marathon
Copper Mountain half marathon
Flatlander's 50.6 miles in 12 hours
Roentgenlauf half marathon
Ultracentric, 54 miles
Texas Trails 20k (12.6 miles)

Crap thats alot of races! Only one DNS (did not start) because I went to St Louis instead of Salt Lake City that weekend.

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