Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Get It

Today, I jogged 12.3 miles on the treadmill. I was then supposed to go to work for the afternoon. But when I called, they said not to come. Yeah!

After a nap, I went over to Brummerhop Park and ran another 5.15 miles. I had the park to myself as I ran my 14 laps. It was a pleasant afternoon. It was there that I began to understand oneness. You know "that" oneness, the one all the enlightened people talk about. The We-are-one crowd. I guess I had a moment of clarity.

I have a life. But I also think there is a real thing which is Life Itself. Not that this is a consciousness such as I am, but a true thing. We share Life. Everything shares Life. In that sense, I get that we are one. I am Life, which is not my body. My body is a collection of thoughts which I, Life, thought. But, WTF, who cares? Does this mean anything? Well, it might if your goal is inner peace. It helps alot with looking beyond if you realize the other people are Life and collections of thoughts, but essentially nothing else. No need to get upset about it.

So then I went to an AA meeting. I got to sit next to a young man who has only 2 months of sobriety. I root for him on the inside. I'm always glad to see him there again this week.

After I got home, I jogged another 3 miles on the tm, bringing today's total to 20.5 miles. and I did my TRX upper body strength work and some crunches.

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