Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Early this morning, as I began my morning exercise, I honestly thought, "I am one of the lucky ones to be going to work today." I don't think I have ever had that thought before. Amazing.

My Course in Miracle study this morning was in chapters 28 and 29. Here are the phrases I used today:
For hate to be maintained, love must be feared.
God is the Alternate to dreams of fear.
My Guest has come with joy and happiness.
I can never be apart from Him.

And so I am at work. Performance appraisals loom in January. I have written a private letter to my boss. Its what I have always wanted to say to a boss. I may not read it but I hope to have the courage :

You wonder why I don't have career goals. It is because I have life goals:
1. Spiritual studies
2. Endurance athlete

These goals have superseded work goals throughout my career. This is because I always have to live with myself; but won't always have the same employer.

My only work goal is to be of service. You've noticed that this goal does drive a high level of output and integrity; but this is not to get ahead or to achieve anything other than adequate performance. Oh, and do what I can to keep the place safe.

I like my work. I do a good job just because that is how I am wired. At the end of the day, I go home

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