Friday, December 14, 2012

Mental Peace

For me, and I think anyone in this world, the mind is always going on in fear and anger and hate against others and "the way things are". Worldly conflict seems real but it is all in my thoughts.

Some go to monasteries or ashrams. I one who has to find a mental technique which trains my mind towards inner peace. Such is A Course in Miracles.

Today's mental tool comes from Lesson 104:
Lay aside the conflicts of the world.
Clear a holy place within my mind.
God's gifts of joy and peace are all I want.
I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

My mental conflict consists of this (in relationship to the boss's christmas party): I hate parties, I hate being around alcohol, I hate being around food I don't want to eat, I get up early to train and I'm too tired to go out at night, I don't want to be rude when I leave after an hour, I'd only go to kiss the boss's axx, etc... And, I don't want other people poking insults at me because of my chosen life style.

But all of these thoughts are just in my mind. None of it is real. Going or not going doesn't matter. What matters is what I allow in my mind. So, I return my thoughts to the lesson, today's mental tool. And I calm down. I remember I am spirit. I ask the Holy Spirit for help.

This morning, I ran outside. I don't do that during the week since there is only concrete for a surface. But I did it today. It was a wonderful run. I got in the way of the paper thrower for a short stretch and had papers trown around me. I almost had a collision with a bicycle I didn't see. But, it was a joy to be outside running and training my mind with the Holy Spirit's help.

I am reading a ACIM related book by Marianne Williamson. It is a very easy read and gives me a place to lean.

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