Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy and Resolved!

Today, I did my usual Sunday morning sleep in. The problem is that, in the summer, sleeping in can mean its too hot to run. Today was such a day (sunny and headed to high 90s temp, not couting humidity). After getting up, I read the blog for the 3,100 mile Self Transcendence race. I was interested in how the female runner was. She had ran 2,800 miles and then pulled a calf muscle and was hardly able to walk. But she had showed up at the course anyway to keep walking. This inspired me to try and do something outside even though it IS too hot (can't keep your body cool).

My drinks were already made so I quickly shoveled them into a cooler and headed to the car. I decided to drive 25 miles north to a park that had a very hilly but 90% shady bike path. I got in 18 miles before it was really too hot. My car thought it was 97F in the sun.

Then, my usual afternoon of shower, eat and lay on the bed reading and reflecting. I did my meditation even though I realize it might just be brain chemistry I'm initiating. But I got this intuitive thought: Pittsburgh or no Pittsburgh, I am going to raise the bar on my thinking. That is, no matter where I live in the material world my project of mental re-programming is the priority. I do get to choose different from society. You can re-wire your brain. My choices may only be a shade different, but they are ground breaking in the evolutionary sense. So I am resolved to keep going.

I also added up my mileage for July (325 miles) and 96 hours of workout (includes cross training but not core/strengthening). This helps me feel positive about my Colorado running vacation.

But somehow, my resolution plus the running today have caused me to feel happy. Somehow, the dopamine reward cycle got triggered and I feel happy. I feel happy about the future, partly because I am no longer dependent on Pittsburgh for my self esteem. I am free to feel happy about myself and keep doing the work I think is important regardless of where I live.

Happy! Yes!

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