Monday, July 4, 2011

Personal Multi-day 2011, day 4 and 5

Day 4: Is it a multi-day if you decide to sleep in and then do cross training for your endurance? Not really I guess. After 3 days and 78 miles, I decided I knew where I was at fitness-wise, but that there was no need to push beyond the edge and injure myself. I also decided to let go. My Colorado running vacation to Silverton 1000 will be a running vacation regardless of whether I come home with a belt buckle or not.

Haha, yes, voluntarily let go of the trinket and focus on the meat; being the best athlete I can be. So on day4, the weights got lifted, the full range of core got completed and I otherwise used my ex-equipment. Oh, and sleeping is important too. Balance, an athlete must be balanced.

In the afternoon, I again thought of the Brownville half marathon to take place on Monday the 4th. Race starts at 7 am and is a 2 hour drive. I'd need to get up early. I was tired of long slow jogging in the sun.

I prayed to my inner self as I went to bed: help me to get up and have the courage to drive on back roads to Nebraska in the dark.

So I woke up at 2:40 and made it out of bed. It wasn't a terrible struggle, but I felt this icky resistance to the gift of energy I'd received in waking up. My whole life seems to be about overcoming these resistances.

I got to Brownville in plenty of time. It was a small town, but about 250 people from several surrounding states had showed up. The race was on two lane highways which seemed to always be uphill; and I did great at this. I finished in 1:57. I am so amazed at this. I spent 3 days running 78 miles in the hot sun. Another day cross training. And the final day I run a half marathon at a 9 min/mile pace; even though I never do a lick of speed work in my training.

Laying on my bed in the afternoon, I could feel the surging energy continuing to flow. In the aftermath of the race, the energy turned into a magnificent hope for success in all my life: spiritual, athletic and technical. The gift of energy to get out of bed was transformed into giving to all the undefined energy fields. The river was wide open flowing. The energy field is love. I knew I was loved because of the energy flow.

So thats the end of the most fabulous vacation. I loved this multi-day since it was not all drudgery. It was all love.

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