Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Self Transcendence plus...

....plus leadership.

Currently, in Flushing Meadow NY, a 6 and 10 day multi-day is ongoing (Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence races). Here in North Carolina, I am at a leadership institute. In A Course in Miracles, I am continuing to understand that what I see is my projection. I am continuing to understand that I can stop using my body's eyes and see with the Christ Vision, from within seeing a world of love.

And, to use Christ Vision, I deny my ego's thoughts. Denying the ego is a practice. Each time I go through the ACIM workbook, or through my daily text study, I get better at discounting my ego thoughts.

You might think that a leadership institute is for spring chickens, those with 20 more years of career to climb corporate ladders. I have struggled with this myself as I don't really plan on working 20 more years. But leadership and career enrichment is for always. Age is not part of the leadership equation unless you want it to be.

My concern is daily leadership not career or financial goals. I am interested in who I am as a person and am I contributing to the High Performance Culture. I have much to contribute and much energy to channel. It is a gift for me to be here.

I think that the people running in Flushing Meadow are an extreme example of what I can do each day: transcend my ego. I transcend my ego in order to identify with the inner divine being. Sometimes I run laps. Sometimes I go to work. Its all the perception and consciousness with which I choose to live: Christ or ego. The choice is up to me. When I choose Christ, the tools and experiences come for me to learn.

I jogged 30 minutes this morning.

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