Monday, April 18, 2011

No Breakthrus

The blog goes silent when I have no big deal to write about. lol! I guess I just write this for my ego's satisfaction: see look how advanced I am.

Enabling Focused Growth: a way to evaluate the marketplace and organization to ensure our continued leadership. Maximize my efficiencies. Focus on the future of my business.

I ran 78 miles last week. I don't care about Boston.

I am up to lesson 8 in the ACIM workbook. I'm glad I'm reviewing these. ACIM continues to be my structure for spirituality, my text.

I woke up in the middle of the night hot with anger. The anger is over my career: cocktail parties coming up, potential promotion, a need to see the site manager. I knew my thoughts were going crazy for no good reason, but changing channels was difficult. I remembered my litany. As soon as I remembered "I am spirit, know this need not be" I must have fallen asleep.

So combine the pre-bed musings about my seemingly unsuccessful spiritual growth and the pent up anger; and what I got was a dream. The dream was set in the monastery I used to live at. Beds were a strange sort of stacking arrangement, 6 high. The bathrooms were outside, thru the cold about 3 blocks away. This seemed like an impossible arrangement. But then, I found out I was leaving, and at the same time, cramming these interesting sandwiches into my mouth (because I was leaving). But then the superior told me I could load up a van and take whatever I needed. I somehow knew that the sandwiches would not spoil, so I stopped trying to eat them.

On waking, I interpreted the dream for myself. I decided that I must still be enjoying the fruits of my monastic experience and need not worry about the status of my spiritual progress. I think I need to really really stick to my own guidance and not judge myself based on others.

And, I got in to see the site manager today. My fear of authority dealt with.

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