Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Might Wonder...

...and as well, I do myself: why do I do that?

This morning, I ran a mere 13.1 miles. It took me 3h41min. Thats pretty slow. Well, I do trails slowly for the simple reason that I trip alot. Today every step was a potential tripping hazard. But, I didn't fall down today and I did jog the whole time.

But, is that fun? I don't know. Fun is not exactly what I would call it. Beautiful, challenging, meditative, different, are ideas which come to mind.

But all of these long distance races seem at times pointless for me. I don't really train for them as I am always ready for a marathon. In March, I ran 50 miles around a 1 mile loop. In May, I'll be back at the park where I was today, only running twice as far. These activities are nonsense in a way.

When I don't go in races, I spend each weekend running anyway. I ran 80 miles last week for no particular reason. If I was "training" and attempting to accomplish something, then it might make sense to do it.

Well, anyway, I got a nice cup, t-shirt and finisher's medal. This afternoon, I do foam roller and core and maybe something else. Tomorrow, I'll go running again.

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