Sunday, April 10, 2011

God - Not God

Last night, just before lights out, I finished the book "Jesus" by Deepak Chopra. I was struck by the clever story weaving his own personal belief preferences into his story of Jesus. But, I was again in desolation of Jesus. And a prayer for Jesus went through my mind. Then I was quiet.

What I heard right away in my mind was, "Knowing God doesn't require flashes of bright lights or emotional ecstasy. For the dedicated soul knows quietly inside. This is enough." So, don't discount your spirituality just because you seem not to have had some enlightenment experience. Hang tough with the still small voice and follow its guidance.

This morning, I started Book IV of Aristotle's Metaphysics. I read this, "...we are seeking the first principles and the highest causes, clearly there must be something to which these belong in virtue of its own nature."

Right away, my mind leaped to the "something" as God. Then I was sort of filled with disgust. I thought, "Its such a trap. Everyone wants to know if there is a God." Getting ready to go running, I flipped on NPR. There was a woman Buddhist who had lived in Boulder and known several famous gurus there. I thought then, "Some teachers think they know."

No one knows on this plane; unless they know the silence.

Today, I'm starting lesson 1 from the Course in Miracles workbook: Nothing I see means anything.

Now its off to running on the hills. Then, so exciting, a Canadian is coming to visit me!

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Robert B said...

I work for a canadian company. So I know a canadian or two. And for sure they are mighty exciting!!