Friday, April 22, 2011

How Do I Know?

Really, how do I know if I'm on the spiritual path or not?
This morning, I slept in, spent an hour on spiritual study, worked out in my apartment for an hour, ran for 11 miles in the rain, came home to eat and relax and meditate. Then I took up my ongoing study of Paul Brunton's notebooks (and whoops, ordered the 18 volume set of his notebooks from the publisher).

I don't feel spiritual. I feel sacred; and this feeling is pretty persistent.

My life for the past few years has been very much about solitude and silence. Now, my spiritual life still contains reflection/meditation, and surrender. It is more focused on letting go and trusting all through the day. I don't know which direction my life is leading: into Mechanical Integrity or into Mindful Matters. I must bring out my inner power, which I feel all the time, and let it go.

Now I am going to do some leg stretches, foam roller, core and free weights. Tomorrow, I'm going in a trail half marathon.

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