Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In My Mind

From Paul Brunton:
"It lies in your mind whether or not you shall make something worthwhile of your life."
This is because the world is an illusion and what I see is my own thoughts.
"He will discover how much his environment, even his work, is a projection of his personality and of the thoughts that go to make it."

Ultra Monk, do you have no reflection to go with this?

Not really. I am hanging out in Memphis, hoping Delta Airlines can deliver me home soon. I got three computer based training modules done, as well as help some Delta gate agents answer one of theirs. We all agree that no matter our company, the training is pretty bogus. I sent an e-mail to my company informing them of their errors.

Now, I am practicing what I wrote above: the world is made of my thoughts and I can think differently.

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