Friday, June 18, 2010

Transcendental Inspiration


"Something happens here that cannot be measured or marked or photographed or questioned or reasoned with in any way. There are days in which you could be standing right beside it and be blind to it. On other days you could be on the far side of the world and yet still feel the inner thrill of what is taking place here and be as much a part of it as if you were entered in the race as well.

The 3100 is not for the masses. It is just for those who believe that life is not just about muscle and mind. It speaks clearly to those who believe in the unlimited capacity of heart and spirit and who believe that Self-Transcendence is not just for 11 brave runners. Self-Transcendence is the inevitable destiny of us all."

Heard about the 3,100 Mile Self Transcendence Race? It is a race where runners run around a 0.5 mile block in NYC for 16 hours a day daily, until they complete 3,100 miles. This year, 11 runners are entered in the event.

This event is what has inspired my ultra running career. It is the running equivalent of a zen practitioner spending a year meditating alone in a room. As the man alone in a room inspired my pursuit of contemplation, the 3,100 mile race inspired my contemplative running.

Truth is, most of my long runs are done in this very boring fashion: either around a 2.7 mile loop or back and forth on a 3.7 mile levy. My 80 mile run was at an event conducted on a 1 mile loop. In October, I plan to do it again at 24 The Hard Way.

I am mainly a no adventure runner. I'm running for hours in order to speak to my God. I get a brief taste every morning. Every morning, here is my typical schedule:
- Get up at 3:30 am
- Spend an hour studying and meditating on A Course in Miracles Text.
- Work out on machines and/or go running in the dark. While running, keep mind on the daily lesson from ACIM.
- Shower and get to work about 7. Stay at work until 4:30 (more or less).
- Drive home, eat and nap briefly.
- 7 pm, contemplative core, or meditative dumbells.
- Another 30 minutes or so of reflecting on the ACIM daily lesson, and silent meditation.
- Go to sleep.
- On the weekend, instead of going to work, I run laps and sleep more.

That's my life, a daily attempt to stay connected to The Presence.

It takes time and intention to stay connected. You have to want it more than anything else, or you won't stop and listen to that which is beyond human hearing or see that with shines quietly from beyond the illusion of this world.

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