Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Mortal's Saturday Run

Today, starting at 5:30 am at 80F and ending about 11 at 85F (counting pit stops), I ran approximately 23 miles of 8x2s in 5h21 min. It was a put up or shut up run: it’s easier to think you’ll run 5 hours than it is to actually do it. So I made sure I did it. I thought it was much hotter than it was. I lost track of laps so counting conservatively at 14 min/mile.

My ankle hurt before I even got started. It was sore a lot of the run. I ran to emulate the Self Transcendence runners who just work their way through the pain. Is that stupid for us ordinary mortal runners? Or do I believe in it enough for it to work for me? Whispered quietly, “Spirit Flower, you run and work out far more than most of the ordinary runners. They only ran one hour today.”

Today’s ACIM lesson:
Let me perceive forgiveness as it is. I will not value what is valueless.

Here is where rubber meets the dirt with my running. What is important about the run is not what was going on at the material world, illusion level. What was deeper? Forgiveness. As I wanted to see forgiveness, I saw my thoughts about others as valueless and I let them go. And surprisingly, the other people responded by saying things to me which they normally don’t, even though we see each other every week. The most enlightening question came from a big ol’ fat man who got started walking even before me and was there at least 2 hours. I usually just think how terrible it would be to be that big and fat (and ugly). Today, as I approached him one of the times, I thought my forgiveness prayer, “I want to perceive truth.” I realized I admired him. As he got right to me, he suddenly looked up and said, “How did you get here?” He had a material world reason for asking that question, but metaphysically speaking, it a deep question which only the Holy Spirit would ask. Two other people were obviously the Holy Spirit’s witnesses today.

I also realized that if I forgive myself, I am forgiving all because we are one Self.

For what reason would I slog through a hot 5 hours jog? I saw my own injuries as valueless and let them go. Then, I found myself running without pain for awhile. During my run, I realized that we humans value ourselves when we conquer our pain. Pain is our big kahoona when it comes to self admiration. I kept thinking how great I was for enduring heat and pain. I kept thinking how I admired the Self Transcendence runners for overcoming their pain, pushing through it, getting beyond into some other world.

I do not have cancer so I am not running for my life. I am entered in a couple of races, so that is a reason to say I am “training.” But what really is at the bottom of it? Not my life. But maybe Life Itself. When I run to just be life, I am joining Life Itself.

5h21m is the longest I’ve run/worked out in a long time. Why 5h21min? Why run ultras? Why run at all? I've been running all my life so the question is not just for today. If I'm done thinking I'm great because I can endure, then why? Today was also the annual Western States 100 mile trail run. Whoever finishes that will receive far more accolades than these 11 miracles in NYC. Some others ponder the question. Those who are running and volunteering at the 3100 mile race:
Journey To The Unknown
Many people try to understand why a handful of runners would want to run day after day for almost two months around about one half mile concrete surface during the summer months in New York City. Most of these runners have done it more than once, so there is even more reason to wonder why they would want to do it again after experiencing the tremendous challenges and difficulties involved in such a very long and arduous journey….But the words may still not make any sense to those who have not experienced the race in some way or another…the impossible can be done, And the Universal Energy Can be unleashed, To raise our standards And lift our minds Beyond the limits of our broken bodies And faithless thoughts, To reveal the Beauty and the Power Of life’s long and arduous Journey to the Unknown

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