Friday, June 25, 2010

Running for Life

I have an ultra friend who is a prolific racer; going in perhaps 20 long distance races a year (not counting short stuff like marathons). I found out that she has cancer; the second time in seven years. IMO: she has been running for her life.

(In what I am about to say, I do not insinuate that this person ate or drank her way into cancer. But that I know so many people who eat or drink whatever trash in complete ignorance of the human dignity which they are destroying.)

I was reflecting on her in comparison with my own physical fitness; and all the fine affirmations and guidance my trainer gave me today. My endurance has grown in the last few weeks, mainly from cross training. I eat a very clean vegan diet with certain superfood proteins. I am not running out of a momentous situation; but still, I run in honor of all creation. My life is my gift.

I disdain junk food and alcohol of any sort. I don't trash my body or my mind; especially not my mind where my God consciousness connects. I keep myself at a high level of being, untrashed, in honor of a divine Magnificence which reaches from the life present in each cell to beyond the cosmos to the ineffably abstract light of Love. I AM is I AM everywhere including the illusion of time where Spirit Flower dreams her existence.

In my dream, I am multifaceted. Part of me plods along in a human body and hundred dollar running shoes. Another part of me knows only soaring in a pristine clear atmosphere of undisturbed pure light. The soaring part is united with all minds and The Mind of our lover: I AM

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