Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Ever Jellification Workout

Today I did something new. I spent 5 hours on my ex-machines. I discovered the jellification workout. I mean after spending 4h40 min doing 20 min shifts between ex-bike, treadmill and Nordic track, I felt like jello as I got off the Nordic track the last time and lurched over to the bike for a final 20 min. Part of the beauty of this workout is I did not aggravate a single tendon. I exercised pain free for 5 hours; merely burning energy and generating endorphins. I loved it!

So now, I have to share my plans. I planned to start a 5 day mini-personal-multi-day beginning Thursday. I can’t really run for that many hours every day. But I could run for 2 or 3 hours and then work out on machines for a number of additional hours. How many additional? What am I made of? You see, if I just run, I'll reach a limit. If I add in the non-traumatic ex-machines, there might not be a limit. It becomes a matter of mind and energy, not pain. OMG! What I could do is alot.

So, I need to ponder and set a goal. I won’t be tapering or by any means coming into it fresh. In fact, Wednesday will be a short work day as I go to an off-site workshop that day. I want to challenge my brain to do what the body is capable of. I want the experience of doing what I never have before and beyond what I thought I could. My initial guess is 7 hours a day. That is probably an underestimate, but all I can imagine right now.

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