Sunday, April 19, 2009

The World

From A Course in Miracles:
  • ...would you trade Them (the face of Christ and the memory of God) for an ancient hate?
  • The Holy Spirit's purpose is to let the Presence of your holy Guests be known to you.
  • ...the world is purposeless apart from this.
  • ...the insane have shed their garments of insanity to join Them on the ground whereon you stand.

Everyday for me is about seeing Christ in everything around me, but especially other people; because we are one, not separate. I use the world Christ because of the culture I was raised in. Atman, Buddha, Dharma, Tao, etc. are the same "person."

I realize that I carry the ancient hate and made of it a garment of insanity. Being upset, a little frustrated or downright pissed: these all point to the ancient hate and I make insanity out of it. My job is to bring it to the Holy Spirit and allow it to be healed and shined away.

What does it mean to live in the realm of the spirit? Here is an analogy related to running races:

  • Christ= all the other runners. They are my fellows, not someone to beat. We are one.
  • The Creator= the race director.
  • Grace= the sports drink at the aid station, but you have to have a means of receiving the grace and in the ultra-marathon, you might/probably will need to bring your own.
  • The hydropak= the means of receiving and carrying grace. The means are spiritual practice, attentiveness to God, prayer and meditation.
  • Gel= food for the journey, spiritual writing.
  • Garmin= where am I at? The Spiritual Director.
  • The Holy Spirit needs no analogy. Spirit is always spirit and represents Itself in all situations at all times.

In my life, I don't want the ancient hate. I pay attention to my daily indications that it is there and I bring it to The Holy Spirit. This practice helps me to live happy. It is insane to live angry, but I need a way out. I use ACIM to learn.

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