Saturday, April 25, 2009

Inner Essence

My life is now and has been for a few years, characterized by an inner search for my hidden truth, my "Da-sein" as Heidegger would say. I had the thought of wanting to touch my inner as I went into meditation this morning. These words came out:

The roots
The essential
The elemental
The one defining thought
I exist to ponder
Its delights
Its thrusts
Its invasive ecstasy.
The silent light
The peaceful joy
Ineffable communion.

It is this Ineffable Communion to which I am currently lured and fixated with all my body, mind and spirit. Running, I am chasing that feeling which is beyond physicality. Thinking, I am sorting through the thought messages which are its love letters. Praying, I am listening, watching, allowing, absorbing Ineffable Communion.

Personal Statistics: yesterday, I took a day off running to do a little more healing from my 50k race, as insurance that that tiny little twinge of pain didn't become major because I was stupidly stubborn. Today, I had a magnificent 7 mile run. I felt like I was floating or gliding or flowing effortlessly forward; and could have done so forever. Running with impunity. Yesterday, a guy at work who I have know for 4 years at our plant in Illinois, talking on the phone, he found out I was 50 and he confessed that he thought I was 38. I blew his mind.

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