Monday, April 13, 2009

Survival in Our Financial and Environmental Holocaust

This evening, I was eating my watermelon and playing Free Cell on the computer. I had a moment of silence and I sensed that Love had looked down on me. I felt loved. I felt the 100% presence of Love everywhere.

Now, a couple of hours later, I thought, "If I am able to sit quietly and experience Love, then that is Heaven." Then, I continued to sit with closed eyes. I noticed I was thinking of all the people I know in person, on the internet, and don't know. I saw each one as well loved and beautiful. I felt gratitude for each one's being, each one's sacred work here on earth (whether they know it or not). It was their gift to me to show me how well loved and cared for each one is.

The ego world is breaking apart, having a holocaust. This is my survival tactic: to see only love, innocence and holiness as I consciously think of others; and see them in this light.

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