Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not going along with god

I have heard several programs on religion on NPR over the past few days. For Easter and Passover, they have been doing all this interesting coverage of God and Jesus and various religions. Today's program took the cake and turned my stomach. They were interviewing two authors of a book: "God is Back."

Here's the problem: if "everybody" doing something, I don't do it. That is the way I've become since disentangling from society. So, this realization of how popular God is, combined with my recent researches into the fallacy of scripture and the physiology of enlightenment, caused me to want to drop God like a hot rock. This reaction sort of makes me laugh because several years ago, I would have been happy to have more people on the God Squad with me. Today, I run like hell away.

Why? If everybody is doing it, or everybody believes it; then it can't possibly be true. Masses of people never trend towards truth. Masses of people always trend toward propaganda.

If I drop God, what I am doing privately then is not what the masses are doing and therefore, I can't use words which could be related to popular concepts. I may go into even deeper seclusion, even less input from the world. The reason is that I feel the addictive pull of false promises. I am NOT immune from marketing. I definitely feel the lure to get involved with something so I'll feel good. Even E. Tolle fits the popular God category. Even Buddhism and the Dali Lama or trying to do good in the world, all fit the popular category.

I can't join the masses because I'm sure I have something authentic inside me. It is quiet and unproductive. It counts for nothing. Can't be used for any profit. Doesn't hand out emotional favors. I cannot afford to have the gentle beckoning light I find inside shaded by clamor after worldly gods.

OMG: Am I defiant? Yes!

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