Friday, August 29, 2008

Your Own Relationship

  • What you consider worth cultivating, you will cultivate in yourself.
  • Give "it (fill in the blank)" therefore to the Holy Spirit because it does not belong in your mind, which is part of God.
Are you enjoying this blog? A word of caution: you can not know the meaning of a Course in Miracles unless you read it yourself. This little series of sound bites is not understandable by itself.

You can NOT know anything about a Course in Miracles from reading Marianne Williamson.

You can only know by reading it yourself. Read it yourself to find out what Jesus is saying to you, personally. Don't you want to know? Go to the source. Don't rely on the filtered, dumbed down version. Stop and listen to Jesus. Even if you get through only one word; do it. One word may be all you need to hear for this lifetime. One word may be all you need to instantly enter Heaven.

Do it yourself.

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