Tuesday, August 19, 2008


  • If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen.
  • You can change your mind.
  • Your mind is one with God's.
  • Leave the "sins" of the ego to me (Jesus). That is what Atomement is for.
  • The habit of engaging with God is easily made if you actively refuse to let your mind slip away.
  • The problem is not one of concentration; it is the belief that no one, including yourself, is worth consistent effort.
  • Your mind and mine (Jesus') can unite in shining your ego away, releasing the strength of God into everything you think and do.
  • You are a mirror of truth, in which God Himself shines in perfect light.
Many words in ACIM mean different things than the dictionary meanings we were taught in school. Atonement, miracle, forgiveness, ego, Jesus and Son of God are examples. What this world and our bodies are is another example. Careful study of the ACIM Text reveals marvelous new meanings; so beautiful as they are beyond the ego imagination.

This morning, I was able to list out several ego beliefs that I harbor which keep the light of God out of my consciousness. I talked to Jesus about these. So deeply do I believe "I can't." After making my inventory list, it came to me that I have a quiet sanctuary into which I can retreat for healing and love. The sanctuary is made of Atonement and forgiveness. I believed Atonement meant I was off the hook; all my mistakes (sins) can be turned over to Jesus. Forgiveness because I could think of others and myself as "a mirror of truth, in which God Himself shines in perfect light."

So often I don't allow myself to be a part of the wonderful creation that God shines in and through. ACIM talks about the separation. My concept of separation is that I have separated myself from God; and I mainly do this by thinking I am a worthless failure. God never thought this about any of His creations. As I accord myself the worth that God gave me, I also accord it to other sons of God (forgiveness); and I get along better.

ACIM strictly says that no one is a sinner. But since we do think we are sinners, we have Atonement. I love that I can rely on Jesus to undo my mistakes. I need merely see in myself and in others the glorious creations of a glorious Father (forgiveness). This thought is an extremely safe thought. It is part of the forgiveness that builds my sanctuary. This thought is easily turned to at all times. Why do I forget? Jesus has said that this is because I don't think I am worth consistent effort. But, I can talk to Jesus about this also. So, I am safe at all times.

Being safe in God is huge. It is the only place I can truly relax and find peace. Safe in God is where there is only light/love.

I am blabbing on and on today. I am really just talking to myself (there is only one Self). I guess I am actually feeling happy, or maybe joy. Joy and happiness are unusual for me. But as I think of the moment of clarity this morning when my sanctuary became visible, and for another moment I experienced its peace; I think that made me happy. For all the degradation my ego throws at me, I have a sanctuary for peace. I guess that is what caused me to start babbling!