Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Peace and Perception

What you perceive is a choice. I can realize that I am mainly perceiving the negative and ask for help with more positive, higher , loving perception. I can go back and re-interpret what I perceived earlier. What ever happened to me today doesn't mean anything until I assign it a meaning.

I can choose to assign peace. Transcendence is that simple.

I have the option of hating today; boy was today a bitch of a day! But why hate? Why assign a hateful meaning? I don't have to assign a meaning. Jesus, as I sit here, I think it is possible that I was walking in a new pair of shoes today which you gave me so I could walk along not assigning meanings. It is possible for me to not assign hateful and fearful ego meanings. I no longer want any ego meanings. Jesus, help me perceive love; something I've always denied before.

Heaven would look on "things" somehow different than I ever have with my ego. I refuse to give today to my ego to make into a hateful resentment. I want Heaven to look through my eyes and see something different. I'm willing to let Heaven be my consciousness. I will step out of the way.

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