Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday in the Now

On Saturdays there is some restraint in my activities as I want to meet some people at 10 am. That means I might get out running for about 2h45min and then come home to change and go to the meeting.

Sundays lately? All bets are off.

Today was particularly interesting.

I slept a bit late, getting up at 6:30. It was cloudy outside so I was taking my time with morning meditation. I am reading Ekhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" at the moment. So my head was full of surrender and the silent watching.

Then, I watched the radar. I saw a storm was coming. You'd think that would mean I decided to stay inside. But no. It meant I decided to get over to Brummerhop park (across the street) and get my cooler under the shelter, and start running before the rain started. That way, I'd already be in rhythm when the rain came down. In Texas, it is far more important to keep cool than to keep dry. In fact, keeping dry is impossible here on the Gulf coast as sweat drenches every run.

So I got started running before the rain. And then it was rainy for the first 3 hours of the run. Not serious rain, gentle rain. It was lovely. Later in the run, it got partly cloudy and much warmer, but not really hot.

I jog walked around Brummerhop park 61 laps. Thats 22 miles.

Am I training for something? Why do I do this? Feet and legs do get a little painful after about 14 miles.

It is what I do. I practice consciousness and being aware of the present. After a few laps, it becomes not that hard to imagine yourself at one with Life Itself. There were moments of silence when no cars were going past and no tree frogs were chirping. I remembered Presence. Today for once, I really did not get lost in the past, and explanations with imaginary people. I wasn't upset with any resentments. I made myself be aware of pushing the button on the counter every lap.

I mainly had the park to myself. My jog took 5h34min.

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