Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More About Ms Jenner

When I am 65, I hope I look like Caitlyn Jenner.
Or that someone photo shops me as well.

But at least I'll still be a bonfide woman.

I hope I can still do marathons.

At first, I though I'd link numerous articles. But, so many interesting articles and blogs! So click on any one of the links below and find more links in the articles.

Why do I care? I became a persona non grata because I said, "When I was your age, Bruce Jenner was a boy." And a campaign was started against me. But I believe deeply in "To Thine Own Self Be True." I find Ms Jenner far more offensive that a little joke about her change.

What about the Ts in LGBT?  Any T has a tough road. But be true to your self; not a photo shopped media whore. Wear sweat pants and ball caps on Saturday morning if you want to act like the real women. Don't put lotion on your hands every 5 minutes. Remember, you may be sexually abused, but not raped like real women are. Not property like real women are. Various other things. Be what you are and fight for your civil rights. But you are not a woman. You are a T.

I am woman.

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