Saturday, June 27, 2015

Safety Day 2015

Last year, in September, I heard an astronaut talking on NPR about the NASA initiative "Hundred Year Starship". And I thought, "Well heck, we could have Starship Baytown." This happened just as the announcement that our company was going to IPO the division I worked for.

Truly, it is just like we were being launched into space, cut off from our mother company. I thought that if we devised Starship Baytown, it would give employees something to be proud of during the time when we need to identify with our new company.

I sold the idea to the site manager. FYI, the site is a huge chem park with about 1,000 employees not counting contractors. The site manager asked me to sell the idea to the site leadership team the next day. I did it. Sold.

Then, people volunteered. Actions were taken. One of the teams is building a starship for the front of our plant. Behind me in the picture is the nose of it.

The values of our new company are: curious, colorful, courageous.

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