Sunday, June 21, 2015

Private Hundred

I always seem to go to races whenever I have a few days off. And I usually take a few days the week of July 4th. This year, the nearest race I could find is in New Orleans, a reasonable 5 hour drive to a marathon that starts at midnight. My issue is that hotel rooms within an hour of the race site are going for $200 a night. This caused me to balk.

So instead, I will do my miles privately. I have set up a challenge on to do the Pacific Crest Trail (100 miles).

Starting Wednesday, 7/1, I'll start this virtual trail run.

Today, Sunday, I slept in really late. I went outside at 9:30 and temps already in the mid 80s. I jogged 50 laps of Brummerhop park. Here's what that looked like on my fitbit:

After 45 laps, I started to walk. The heat index was 100. I had drank 5 bottle of drink. I had to quit when I was out of drink.

This week I got in 21 hours of workout and 75 miles.

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