Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not About Transgender

You probably heard the news about Rachel Dolezal, the undercover trans-black lady.

To look like a black person is not the same as being one. Far from it.

But the issue is deep for any trans-fill-in-the-blank. They say, "I identify with _______ . "

Utter nonsense. You identify with a fantasy, a delusion.

I am a real person. I am really what I am. I don't even wear makeup. My hair is short so I don't have to fix it. I wear earrings to increase the probability someone will call me Ma'am instead of Sir. I look somewhat male; but I would never want to be a man. No freaking way.

But contemplate the deeper issue. Why do people do this on the physical level? Just ponder. Look at the world as humanity evolves and ponder all of our newer human issues. Seriously.

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