Friday, July 5, 2013

The Big Why - Post marathon pondering

I did a great job of my marathon yesterday. I liked it alot. It recharged me to run a marathon without horrible pain.

Today, I jogged for an hour and now I am in the middle of cross-training. Fitness is of course on my mind. Fitness for the long run, my fight against American obesity, goes on with or without metaphysical or spiritual implications.

I think it is smarter to run faster marathons than ultra-marathons. Partly because the cross training is better for me than the endless miles.

But I have wanted endless "something" since I was a very small child. I was always dreaming of the longest bike ride or trail ride or basket shooting or swimming or "something."

I don't have to win at spirituality any more. But I also don't quite get all of A Course in Miracles. Luckily, I mainly need to let go.

I wish for an original thought. Yes, my life has been inspired by others. But I would like to be original somehow. I'm always thinking that to think outside the box, you need to be outside the box. Hence my divorce from mainstream society.

Marathons can be a box too. Well, almost everything is a box. Perhaps we can only select subsets, not uniqueness. There are pieces which cannot be moved.

I have 2 more days off to ponder my life in depth.

August is a big month: 28 years of sobriety, 6 years as a Course in Miracles student, 10 years since leaving the monastery, almost 4 years at my current employer, almost 2 years since migration to Texas.

Here I am with Dan. Dan is 78 and he ran about the same time as me. This is the third time I ran a marathon with Dan. Below is a picture with Parvaneh, Steve, Larry and me. Larry is only 68 and he has completed over 1000 marathons in his life. But Dan, who is much less famous runs them an hour and a half faster; despite an additional 10 years on his life. Dan also runs many marathons a year.

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