Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beautiful Transcendence Run

Today, as usual, I had no idea how well my foot would feel. Yesterday was terrible. Today, I switched the insoles on my new shoes and they felt pretty good.

I yearned for endless miles in the hot sun; allowing Spirit to occupy me. I studied my Course in Miracles chapter 15.IV. I turned over my private thoughts and my plan for salvation. I said, "God has chosen my way. This is my holy instant of release."

Then, I filled my water bottles and headed over to Brummerhop Park, thinking I'd just walk around for a few hours. After one lap, I added a little jogging to the mix and was feeling good. I achieved a 4.1 mph average pace. The humidity was so thick you could see it. I stuck with my mantra and just did laps.

Soon, I passed yesterday's total. Then, I decided on 10 miles. Then I decided on 3 hours. Then I decided on a half marathon. Then I decided on 4 hours. Then I decided on 50 laps. And so it was.

I thought about God. The spiritual seeker faces the atheist. The atheist insists consciousness in only a function of neuro-science (the brain and its synapses). The seeker always says, "Who then made all this?" I totally believe that in the beginning, God said, "Let there be light." But I don't believe God said anything else. I am mostly made of other organisms; but somehow this community of life wants to do miles and think about God.

In tiny Brummerhop Park, I find this nothingness: my dregs, my detritus, my bottom. I love this. Here are the nuggets of gold in my consciousness, the white bird that flies.

I noticed one of the rabbits has one bad eye. I saw Oscar the garter snake.

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