Friday, July 12, 2013


....of whether I post or not the robots keep reading this blog. sometimes the robots dig up very interesting posts I wrote years ago and I like re-visiting them.

I haven't posted because no news is good news.

My foot does not hurt today and I have a new shade hat to try out. It is Friday evening and I'm working my way through a long cross training workout. Tomorrow morning, I need courage to complete something new. I want to get up early and head over to a local bridge that many runners use as the only hill for hundreds of miles around. It won't be fun; but I need to get over my qualms and get to it.

I've been working hard this week on an expansion project. Yesterday I did 2 pre-startup safety reviews. The plant accomplished the work last night with no incident. Whew! Process Safety is a piece which cannot be removed.

This week in my mental life I've been exploring my exercise motivation. What is it that keeps me going? How do I get over that inertia and do a workout? Regardless of rewards I do it. It is a piece that cannot be removed.

In the silence: pray and listen. I want a spiritual life. So I invest in it regardless of the atheists and agnostic bloggers; and despite denominational Christians. Spirit cannot be removed.

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