Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Foundation

What do I stand on? Why do I say this today?

I just returned from an exciting and fun race in Canada. This morning, I again am able to sit quietly and do my spiritual study. In chapter 6 of the ACIM text, it says that the Holy Spirit is the answer to the ego's doubts about what it is. The Holy Spirit always answers (tells me) something like this: I am a priceless child of God. He created me as part of Him. His decision cannot be undone.

The text is saying that the ego's whole idea is to undo the Idea of God, and not be part of Him. The Holy Spirit's job is to provide the answer. I get to choose which I want to listen to, hear and learn.

My foundation is to accept the Holy Spirit's answer and always say it again to my ego. When my ego brings up doubts, fears, angers, hatreds, I answer with the Holy Spirit's answer. In this way, I am not projecting anything other than inner peace because a child of God knows they are safe and nothing else is real.

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