Sunday, May 6, 2012

Race Preparation - 3 Days at the Fair

I am preparing for a 24 Hour Race. It is out of town, so that takes a bit of head scratching and an extra bag.

Chair, 2 pairs of shoes, socks, special undies, shorts, rain suit, long, short and tank shirts, vest, ball caps, gloves, buffy, first aid supplies, flash light, Bio-freeze and pain rub.

Food going with me: soy milk in little boxes, Blue Diamond Cheddar Nut Thins, Cranberries in little bags, Mentos sugar free spearmint gum, 5 hour energy, Raw Revolution lemon bars, Primal Fuel, Heed, spirulina, Myoplex Lite cinnamon flavor bars, Luna lemon bars, shaker bottles, some Clementines that would go bad if I left them home, Clif double espresso gels (caffeine needed).

This is just the running stuff. I'll also be carrying all my work stuff as I'll be working in Massachusetts all  the following week.

I'll buy some stuff there too. Most notably, a cooler, apples and veggie patties. WalMart is very close to my hotel on Friday night.

Then there is the issue of hotels for Saturday night and Sunday. On Sunday, I'm supposed to drive about 120 miles from the race site to the town where our facility is, as I am working there during the coming week. On Saturday night, I don't really need a hotel room because the race goes from 9 am Saturday to 9 am Sunday. But the last time I did one of these races, I quit after 20 hours. If I wanted to quit this time, it would be good to have a hotel to go to. Or, commit to not quitting and just lay in the car if I need a nap. What it will come down to I think is: what kind of car do I rent and would the hotel grant me a checkout time of at least 1 pm. These questions will need to be settled on-site.

I have decided to "taper." I've got a sore heel that just needs some rest. So today, I did 2 hours of easy non-painful, non-aggressive cross training. I've only done one other 24 hour run. I got to 80 miles and decided that was enough pain. So, while I need daily exercise for well being, it doesn't have to be running. The more healed I go into a 24 hour run, the longer I will last. So, let the running go.

I am looking forward to a good long endurance run. I always meet nice people and enjoy a good community at these things.

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