Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Now I Go On Living

It is May 15, half way through May, almost. I just did an ultra marathon. I look forward to more. I look forward to reading the blogs of other ultra marathoners as they complete their endurance trials. Today, I went for a walk/run. My blisters are just well enough to allow this. The one on the bottom of my foot is still red, but wasn't painful. The left pinky toe still needs space, but my shoes have space.

I ran down the road from my hotel to a quiet cemetery and completed 2.5 laps of that. Then I noticed a road going up a hill behind the cemetery. I went up that too. It was marked every 0.1 miles, so I know I went up 1.1 miles and then turned around at the top. Then back to the hotel for a total of 92 minutes of walk/jog.

I dreamed of my old convent last night. Today, I looked at their blog. I have to admit I'm more interested in running than I am in the genteel life with mostly elderly ladies. I'm excited that my 52 mile run didn't seem to cause physical harm other than the blisters. I'm excited to be going to Canada to run in 11 days.

I must have been adequately trained to do 16 hours of running and walking. So my body was not destroyed and the graph continues to build:

When I was out this morning, I thought, "I'd love to spend everyday going up and down this hill; even over and over, several times a day."

A Course in Miracles continuously reminds me to let go of everything I think; because these are ego thoughts. The grave yard I went through this morning was an example of ego thoughts. Clearly the Star of David tomb stones were separate from the Cross tomb stones. Really? Do you think God really divides his people? Religion can only be a separation exercise. Spirituality can only be ego edification: getting something for yourself. ACIM says that the ego fruitlessly but continuously seeks approval of Spirit, who doesn't know the ego exists. Only surrender frees one from the ego thought system. We can choose spirit instead of ego.

A runner at the Fair:

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