Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the road - Blue Hill Run

Saturday, I did my 16 hour run/walk. Sunday, sleeping and driving. Monday, ex-bike and treadmill walking at hotel. Tuesday, 92 min of jog/walk.

Today, Wednesday, a great run over Blue Hill, along Monument Valley and back up into Great Barrington. Except for a steep part at the top of Blue Hill, I jogged the whole way, 8 miles. So sweet!

It was a mile to the cemetery from my hotel to start this loop. If I feel good tomorrow morning, maybe I'll do the loop and then some. I bought a small bottle of Bolton Farms protein smoothie to take along.

Very pretty here, eh?

I'm practicing my "eh" because I am going to Canada in 10 sleeps. They'll tease me about my newly minted Texas accent.


Anonymous said...

ya'll need to work on your texan. ;-)

"...because I am going to Canada in 10 sleeps. They'll tease me..."

translated into texan becomes:

"...because i'm fixin' to go to canada in 10 sleeps. i reckon they'll tease me ..."


Ultra Monk said...

SGL, you are too funny!!!!

I do need to work on my texan.