Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Self Transcendence 31/52

Colonoscopy over: My bowels are completely healthy and no issues.

I guess my inner bowels are doing well also.

Reflection: This just came to me: The essence of the world is Love. And you should know, when I left the monastery in 2003, I received these words from my intuitive self, "Love is the predominate mode of existence."

I am able to participate analytically in the evolution of humankind. I have both the scientific and spiritual education. This is why I am not locked in a monastic choir stall or on a cushion in an ashram. But I have never accepted my role as equal to those granted special places, like religious sisters or gurus. I need to accept myself. I wanted consciousness and I got it. I need to stop being pissed that it didn't come with a white light experience or flowing robes.

I am serving others whether I like it or not.

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