Saturday, July 2, 2016

Self Transcendence 14/52

Sopan said, "Physically (in 2014) I did not do well.  But because of that I had a very profound spiritual experience.  Because I could focus only on the spiritual.  The physical did not matter anymore." Sopan is one of the athletes in the 3,100 Mile Race.

I am getting ready to do a marathon today. No race, just finish. I am in a beautiful area, but focused on the business of marathons. Somehow I need a moment to stop and wonder. Maybe its not enough to gaze at a mountain from the window of an airplane. The whole area looked smoggy anyway.

I can feel the root and ground of my being here in my hotel room. I will feel it again on the marathon course. Once again I'll be facing myself as I do the miles. Every time, there is The Wall.

Lesson 151: All things are echoes of the Voice for God.

The details: get dressed carefully, pack all the little things, know where you are going. Where am I going spiritually?


Now it is post race, but still 14/52. Today was a hard fought marathon. 6 laps in a beautiful course with many trees. It was hard fought because for the first 3 laps, my mind was not accepting the mission for this weekend. Shouldn't I be out driving around trying to see great vistas instead of running laps? Other people are. Here I am running marathons. It is easier to run a triple marathon in an ugly place like Dallas than this beautiful place where I am. It was an energy wasting distraction.

But because of that distraction I got to experience what marathons are all about, drinking your dregs. In whatever way it is possible for me to discount myself, it will come forth as the miles add up. And in a triple marathon, there is also the excuse making as I ponder whether or not I can actually complete 3 marathons.

Drinking the dregs of your ego and continuing to carry out the marathons is self transcendence. There is not really any outer glory to running 3 marathons. In the dregs of my ego is a whiny quitter cheater. And so, I'll be taking care of myself this evening and tomorrow I'll be back on the course.

On my last lap, I thanked the huge old trees for being there for me.

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