Sunday, July 3, 2016

Self Transcendence 15/52

Firecracker Triple day 2: Stars and Stripes marathon

This morning, as I was reading a Course in Miracles lesson, it said, "Give Him your thoughts."  What thoughts? My right foot hurts.

Then I thought, "What would life be like if  thoughts were more than _____?"  More than the mundane worries I go about with most of the time. Then I thought, "Prayer;" that today should be a day of prayer.

Lesson: The power of decision is my own.

I decided I didn't want any more dregs today. I want happiness, joy, peace thru the marathon. For a second I wondered if I had to quit the race to get this. Then I thought, "The triple is the new normal." Running is about energy and love, not physical st all. Victory is the only option.

Then I drove to the race. Today turned out to be cool and cloudy. The course was easier than yesterday. My foot felt better with a change of shoes and insoles. But most of all, my mind was not fighting me. In fact, I spent most of the race humming my these song: Let Your Love Flow, by the Bellamy Brothers. A video is here

I was using my normal 3x2 run walk pattern. I felt good is the main thing. I wasn't thinking about anything too much. The laps were 3.28 miles and they seemed to be going by quickly. One time when I looked at my Garmin during a run segment, I noticed. the speed was 10 something. I couldn't believe it. I looked again and it was still pretty fast. Truth is, when I was running, I was not holding back very much. My natural speed was fine. Nothing was hurting. I kept singing my song and going fast.

And that it it. I finished in 5:50 by my Garmin (no pit stops). That's 15 min faster than yesterday. Even coming back to my hotel, I'm in better shape than yesterday. It is a mystery such a day as today.

Tomorrow is day 3 of the triple. Hope I have something left.

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